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Partner Program


TUCS has sold 500+ copies and is now ready for promotion.

Now you can get in on the action ...

  • TUCS buyers only
  • 75% ($35) per sale
  • Payments made via Paypal (3 sales required)
  • Professional banners


We’re only accepting past customers of TUCS.

75% Commission

You get $35 (75%) for every $47 per sale of The Ultimate Commonplace System.

Payments By Paypal

You will get paid on a monthly basis via Paypal. A minimum of $100 (3 sales) is required before processing a payment.


After inputting into the form at the top, your details will be forwarded to Ludvig for approval. If accepted, you will receive a unique tracking code - this can be used to refer traffic to TUCS, allowing you to monitor any transactions deriven from your promotions.

You will also receive some useful promotion material to include on your website.


By applying, you agree to our terms of service and legal disclaimers.

Specifically, we take the promotion of our product & brand very seriously. Whilst we do not vet specific promotions, we are invested in maintaining the integrity of our offering.

As such, we reserve the right to terminate partner accounts (with net balance being settled) at any time, and are also invested in ensuring the success of any partners.

All payments are handled by us. We have designed our own system for handling the affiliate purchases, giving us greater control over the purchase flow. We also wanted to ensure we had complete control over who signed up as a promotional partner.

If - for any reason - there is an issue or problem, our support team is on hand.