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Ludvig Sunström
Thur 14

The UltimateCommonplace System



"If you want to make money with your ideas and be someone who’s paid to think, then you NEED a commonplace."

Karl-Mikael Syding
Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade


From: Ludvig Sunström

To: Soon-to-be commonplace masters

Ludvig Sunström
Stockholm, Sweden

Hey friend,

In the last 3 years (I just turned 25) I have gone from being a university student to starting my own business...

...from total obscurity to (relative) "Internet-fame" via my website StartGainingMomentum (+1,000,000 views)...

...from having barely heard of podcasts, to hosting one of Sweden’s more popular ones (with Mikael Syding,"The Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade").


I’ve also read something like 200 books over this period.

I’m not telling you these things to brag, but rather to show what’s possible when you’re a little bit systematic, effective, and you do away with many of the unnecessary things in your life.

My commonplace has helped me with these things. And more. . .



My Commonplace is Currently Worth ~$50,000

I can’t sell it, but that’s what it’s worth to me.
How much would a commonplace be worth to you??
That depends entirely on you.

But one thing is for sure. . .

Every knowledge worker NEEDS to have a commonplace.
And if you’re already making good money, then a robust commonplace will almost instantly be valuable to you.
By improving the quality of your work, by making you more effective, and by saving you time in bunch of ways.
Here are some of the things I routinely use my commonplace for:
  • As an information system (for all my assets/projects)
  • As a creative outlet (for articles, podcast material, and so on....)
  • To work from anywhere in the world
  • To help me save time by cutting out B.S routine tasks
  • To set my self-development on semi-automation
  • To make better decisions and think more accurately
  • To learn things faster and instruct others
If you could do these things too, how much would that be worth to you?
A lot, I’m guessing.


What’s a Commonplace?


A "commonplace book" was an ancient, little-known method among elite thinkers and scholars for improving their thinking and creativity.

But that was the OLD way...

It was cool, but it didn’t make money.

Compare Da Vinci to, for example, the entrepreneur Aristotle Onassis...

Onassis was a self-made billionaire who didn’t even have a desk or a regular office to work from.

The beauty of Onassis’ success is that his ENTIRE focus was on getting things done. He ran his business empire with a multi-purpose "commonplace" that had all the information he needed.

So... when I’m talking about commonplacing, I’m not talking about the old type of "commonplace book" that Da-Vinci was doing.

I’m talking about creating a modern, multi-purpose commonplace system.



But Now That I’ve Got it, it Improves Every Other Area of My Life!


Thanks to my commonplace system, things are now a LOT easier.

(I can’t really imagine what my life would be like without it at this point...)


But you don’t have to spend 4 years to build your commonplace and come up with systems for it.


You can do it in just one week.

Why so fast?
Because you’ll know all the FUNDAMENTALS.
The reason it took me such a long time was because when I started there was no information on commonplacing.
No one taught me the fundamentals.
I had to learn it all by myself and build my commonplace from scratch.
Some of it I came up with by myself, other pieces I copied from here and there (mainly through my studies of the greatest men in history).
Finally, I had come up with a working system to:
  • Focus my energy on the RIGHT ideas (scales over time)
  • Organize incoherent information into actionable knowledge
  • 10x my learning
  • Gain courage to pursue CRAZY ideas (become more creative)
  • Systematize my LIFE with software (email, apps, biodata, etc)


It Teaches You All the Fundamentals of Commonplacing


I’ve detailed it, step-by-step, in this 150-page manual:

If you don’t yet have a commonplace, you’ll learn exactly how to start.

If you’re already a competent commonplacer, you can immediately use many of the commonplace systems and tips that I share inside.




  1. How to Find Your Ideal Medium and Method for Commonplacing
  2. How to Build a Robust Commonplace
  3. How to Raise Your Creativity and Get More Intuitive Insights
  4. How to Create a Valuable Bank of Information
  5. How to 10x Your Learning with 8 Commonplace Systems for Learning
  6. How to Put Your Self-Developent on Semi-Automation

This manual is valued at several hundred dollars.

But, for now I am pricing it at only $47 for early adoption.


The Ultimate Commonplace System is NOT:

  • A specific note-taking method or GTD-system
  • A software solution
  • The private contents of my own commonplace and all its info (5500+ notes)


The Ultimate Commonplace System IS:

This is a system that transcends any particular medium, giving you all the fundamentals and step-by-step instructions for building your very own ultimate commonplace system.

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

And, last but not least. . .



  1. A List of Recommended Resources. Value: $10. A short and helpful compilation of all recommendations I give inside the manual.

  2. A Super Actionable Summaryover every actionable step inside of the manual. Value: $300+ (depending on how much action you take).

  3. The Automated Template Systems I Use for Putting Self-Development on Semi-Automation. Value: $50+. (Includes: my Daily Lessons, Weekly Summaries, Monthly Overviews, Yearly Summaries, and Weekly Planner). They’re all ready to be used fresh out the box.

  4. My Personal Document of Evernote Best Practices. Value: $50. This is the RAW and unedited 29-page compilation of material I created from over 30 hours of immersive studies to master Evernote.

  5. A Simple and Effective (but Neglected) Tip That Anyone Can Use to Become Healthy (and Remain that Way). Value: $100+ (depending on how seriously you take your health). It’s very easy to do and just about no one does it. (It does require a little bit of cash though.)

  6. The Sweet Phone Setup That Gives Me an Extra 10+ Days Per Year (Plus the Commonplace Systems I Use). Value: $200-$500 (depending on the nature of your work). I walk you through each of my screens and the commonplace systems I use. This could easily add an extra 5-30 days of "free time" to your life, over the course of a year.

  7. List Inspiration. Value: ??? (Up to you). These are examples to get you started with coming up with your own lists of highly organized info.

  8. 4 Simple Commonplace Systems That Only Take You 10 Minutes Apiece to Create, but Can Save You Several Days of Time, Plenty of Pain, and Help You Sleep Comfortably at Night. Value: $75. Do you work from your computer? Then you need to implement these ASAP!


However you look at it, there is no way these 8 bonuses are worth anything under $500. Plus you have a 60-day money back guarantee.


  1. The 6 guidelines for building the ultimate commonplace system.
  2. My 3-step formula for making money on your own terms.
  3. The 4 best ways to organize information into actionable knowledge.
  4. The little-known tool used by all of the greatest creative minds. You can use it to become twice as good at your work in just one year.
  5. 20+ types of information that scale over time and grow in value.
  6. 7 simple things anyone can use their commonplace for to save time by shaving away routine tasks and reducing drudge work.
  7. The commonplace systems I have created to do 80% of the work for my podcast 25 Minuter over the phone from anywhere in the world.

And, if you still haven’t had enough. . .
Here Are 6 Other Interesting Things You’ll Learn:
  1. The 4 pillars of success for all knowledge workers.
  2. The 2 military systems Napoleon used to beat bigger armies.
  3. How to boost synthesis and explode with new ideas.
  4. How to create a robust commonplace system, even if you have ADD.
  5. The top 3 systems John Rockefeller’s used to build Standard Oil.
  6. How to make goal-setting as natural as breathing.

What People Are Saying About The Ultimate Commonplace System:



  1. Do you really need a commonplace to be successful? No. You need to master a skill set. But a commonplace will make you more successful.
  2. Who should have a commonplace? Every serious knowledge worker.
  3. How long is the manual? ~150 pages.
  4. Is it hard to read? No. I have written it in such a way that it’s both easily skimmable and actionable.
  5. Can’t I just learn this over the Internet? No. This is the first manual about commonplacing and its fundamentals.
  6. Do I get any bonus content? Yes, you get 8 unique bonuses.
  7. What if I don’t like it? That’s fine. You have a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  8. What medium do you use for your commonplace? I use Evernote. You can learn everything you need about it from my best practices (Bonus #4).
  9. What if I don’t want to use Evernote? That’s fine. You can still use the fundamentals I teach in The Ultimate Commonplace System. They are not bound to any particular medium or software.


I said the manual is valued at several hundred dollarsand it is.

And the bonuses are (almost) all valued at more than $47 apiece.

So, for the current price I’m charging, you’re getting a very good deal.

Plus you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You will easily get many times the value, even if you just act on some of it (like 3 of the bonuses)


$47 + VAT

The 150 page PDF sets out EXACTLY what you need to do to create a WINNING commonplace -- Turn Ideas Into Money

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Ready to download:
  • 150 Page Interactive PDF
    The first ever manual on how to set up a modern, multi-purpose commonplace system. Explains EVERYTHING you need to know about building a robust commonplace that SCALES over time.
  • 8 Exclusive Bonuses
    Includes: (1) Recommended Resources, (2) Super Actionable Summary (Value: $300+), (3) Automated Self-Reflection & Planning Templates, (4) My Evernote Best Practices, (5) A Little-Known Health System, (6) The Phone Setup That Saves Me 10+ Days/Year (Value: $200+), (7) Examples of Potentially Valuable Lists, and (8) 4 Simple Backup Systems Every Knowledge Worker Needs to Sleep at Night.
  • 60 Day Guarantee
    If you're unhappy for any reason, you can email us and we'll refund your card.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, you can request your money back. This only applies to our "Ultimate Commonplace System" - the digital commonplace software is entirely different, and any returns will revoke access to it.

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